Leion Oy (Ltd) is an independent Finnish company operating in Scandinavia, Estonia, UK and Central European countries.

Leion’s core business is to provide savings to our customers by electrochemical systems, prolonging service life of the structures and boosting the processes. We do that by:
– cathodic protection
– anodic protection
– electrochemical flocculation
– electrochemical flotation
– anti-scaling
– anti-fouling systems
– special corrosion inhibitors and sacrificial anodes.

Our specialties are evaluating system performance, manufacturer independent maintenance, fault diagnostic and consulting.

Leion´s daughter company, Coresto Oy (Ltd) provides preventive maintenance, corrosion and condition monitoring services and devices, see: www.coresto.fi

A few examples of how we can help our customers to save money and the environment:

Gas companies and water distribution companies: Cathodic protection, annual inspections and field measurements of the buried pipelines and tanks.
Ship owners, shipyards: Cathodic protection, anti-fouling systems, sacrificial anodes.
Industry: Tanks, pipes, reactors, clarifiers: cathodic and anodic protection, anti-fouling, anti-scaling.
Communities and general public: Parking garages, ports, marina: cathodic protection systems.
Bioenergy and recycling: Consulting, process boosting systems, cathodic protection.

Our specialties are evaluation of the electrochemical systems, troubleshooting, fault diagnostics, consulting, annual inspections, field measurements and manufacturer independent service.

Some of our references:
Lofoten Norway, Cathodic protection for two concrete bridges, Control Units and Sub Stations, See Statens Vegvesen video

Rauma Finland:

Floating boat marina: cathodic protection and LED light installation. Length of the floating pier is 500 meters


Impressed Current Cathodic
Protection for Aluminium Thrusters

Pulp and Paper industry:

Anti-Scaling system

Baltic Connector:

Consulting of the gas pipeline and HVDC cable crossing in Estonia.

Heat exchanger:

Cathodic Protection system

Buried gas tanks and pipelines:

ICCP system, regular inspections and field measurements

Chemical Corrosion Prevention:

Corrosion Inhibitors manufacturing, testing and evaluations.
MoCo Corrosion Monitroring and inhibition dosage optimizing system.

Ice-breakers and merchant ships:

Hull CP-systems, sacrificial anodes and anti-fouling systems.

Civil Engineering, Ports, Parking Facilities:

Cathodic Protection and Cathodic Prevention systems for civil engineering.


Clarifiers Cathodic Protection System.